Identify. Appraise. Sell. Repeat.

For many of us, the treasure hunt never ends.
And that is why TreasureLoop was born.

TreasureLoop was designed for those who love auctions, estate sales, garage sales, and collecting. It is your one-stop destination for identification, appraisals, buying/selling, and much more.

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Not sure what it is?

Sometimes things look great, but you need an ID. Post here and other members will help you identify what you have.
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Curious of its worth?

Price varies on so many factors. Post here and others will help you determine a realistic value of your goods.
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Ready to buy or sell?

Everything gets bought or sold at some point. Our marketplace serves as a great place for both buying and selling.
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We're always welcoming new helpers and experts.

Be rewarded for helping others with product identification and valuations.
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Identification Listings

Our members need these items to be identified or verified to be authentic.


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Added on September 17, 2020